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深圳大華軸承有限公司(大華軸承)是一家專業微型軸承制造廠家。公司主要生產及銷售內徑1-15mm 、外徑30mm以下的公制微型軸承、英制微型軸承、法蘭軸承、不銹鋼軸承、平面推力球軸承,產品廣泛用于各類微型電機、散熱風扇、儀器儀表、打印機、復印機、精密儀器、機械設備、家用電器、醫療器械、魚具、礦山機械、電梯及配件行業、精密機床等領域。

深圳大華軸承有限公司(大華軸承)成立子2002年, 公司總部位于廣東省深圳市寶安區, 生產研發基地設于號稱中國軸承基地的上海市(奉賢區金匯鎮),目前公司占地面積30余畝, 建筑面積2萬平方米,具有中高級技術人才21人, 員工230人, 年產值1.3億元。采用自動化流水生產, 引進國內先進的自動數控高精度磨床,端面自動超精機和成套自動化設備。檢測設備配以Y9025G圓度儀, JB-3C精糙度儀,測長儀, YZ-1 光學顯微鏡, S0910測振儀, BVT-1 三波段檢測儀等儀器, 配備成完整的檢測體系。公司較早通過了IS09001-2008國際質量體系認證,公司通過歐盟企業環保認證,公司擁有ROHS環保認證書。在加工工藝上,精益求精,以軸承中的藝術品投向市場。

幾年來本著"品質為本, 客戶至上"的經營服務宗旨! 歡迎新老客戶來人來電治淡,我們期待與您真誠合作。

DAW Bearing Company Limited is a professional miniature bearing manufacturer. We are dedicated to produce and sell the Inch Series bearings in the size of 1 - 15mm Inner diameter and Outer diameter within 30mm, Inch Series bearings, Flange bearings,Stainless Steel bearings and Thrust Ball bearing with flat seat.

Our products are wildly used in variety kinds of micro motors, cooling fans, instruments, printers, copiers, householdappliances, medical equipments, fishing tackles, mining machines, elevators and accessories industry, precision machine tools andmany other industries.

DAW Bearing Company Limited was established in 2002. The company is headquartered in Baoan district of Shenzhen 1nGuangdong province. The company ' s production research and development base is located in the Pudong new area of Shanghai,where is the bearing base of China. The company covers more than 30 acres of land with a floor area of 20,000 square meters. We have 21 middle and senior technical personnel, 230 employees, and a annual output value of more than 130 million yuan.

We' ve adopted the automatic flow production and introduced in domestic advanced Automatic numerical control high precision grinding machine, end face automatic ultra-precision machine and a whole set of automatic equipment. And formed a complete set of detection system by matched the testing equipment with Y9025G roundness tester, JB-3C fine roundness instrument,metroscope, YZ- 1 light microscope, S0910 vibration measurer, BVT- 1 three band measuring devices. The company passed IS09001 - 2008 International Quality System Identification and EU Enterprise Environmental Identi fication earlier. We also have the ROHS environmental certification. For processing technic, we&rsquo; re always endeavor to do better and put the best of our bearings into the market.

&ldquo;Good quality and customer always come first" has been the operating service purpose these years. Welcome all the new and old clients to contact us to negotiate! We are sincerely looking forward to the successful cooperation with you!

  • 用于軸承串料點數裝置
  • 用于軸承精準上下料機構
  • 一種不銹鋼軸承鈍化清洗裝置
  • 用于軸承的全自動上料裝置
  • 高穩定的軸承支撐機構
  • 高精密軸承繪制及數據計算系統
  • 薄壁軸承緊密加工成型系統
  • 軸承高溫高速滑脂測試系統
  • 軸承在線檢測自動反饋軟件
  • 軸承參數化設計軟件
  • 深溝球軸承自動化負載壽命測試平臺
  • 高精度軸承內徑測量軟件
  • 不銹鋼軸承質量檢測系統